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Endpoint Adapters

Understand the Endpoint
with the right Protocol

Endpoint Adapters

The main goal of an operator app is communication with an endpoint. Endpoints communicate with different protocols depending on the manufacturer and standard. This can be a device, such as a PLC controller or any other data source.
Unified-E supports Enpoint adapters for the main devices and protocols.

Endpoint adapters are available for the following endpoints / protocols:

Unified-E Beckhoff Adapter

This adapter gives you access to all Beckhoff controllers via ADS communication. To be able to use the adapter functionally, you must install the free TC31 package from Beckhoff.

User manual
Unified-E Allen-Bradley Adapter

With this adapter you can access Allen Bradley controllers from Rockwell via EIP. The controllers of the Micro800 and ControlLogix family are supported.

User manual
Unified-E Siemens-S7 Adapter

With this adapter you communicate with the S7 controllers of the S7-200, 300, 400, 1200, 1500 families via Ethernet.

User manual
Unified-E Jetter Ethernet Adapter

This adapter can communicate with Jetter controllers via Ethernet.

User manual
Unified-E Standard WebHttp Adapter

This adapter communicates with the endpoint via HTTP.

User manual
Unified-E OPC-UA Adapter

The OPC-UA adapter is used for communication with OPC UA servers.

User manual
Unified-E Modbus Adapter

This adapter allows communication with endpoints that support the Modbus protocol. The endpoint is connected via the serial interface or via an Ethernet interface.

Unified-E Windows Application Adapter

This adapter enables communication with a Windows program. It can also communicate with LabVIEW applications.

User manual
Unified-E SQL Adapter

The SQL adapter is used for communication with SQL databases.

User manual

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There are two types of communication available for communication between the HMI device (e.g. smartphone) and endpoint (e.g. PLC control). In direct communication, the HMI communicates directly with the endpoint.
For gateway communication, functions such as push messages and a connection via the Internet are available. 

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